Xerox Document Company Brochure

Articulating "The Document Company"

Having previously spent six years as a public relations executive and speechwriter/communication adviser through a major transition in the company's business strategy, Peter returned to Xerox as a consultant to help it articulate its positioning as The Document Company and, later, as a thought leader in knowledge management. He worked with the Corporate Branding, Corporate Marketing and Internal Communications organizations on Document Company projects, helping them inform important constituencies—employees, customers and industry consultants among them—about what The Document Company tag line meant in concrete terms.

Peter provided communication advice and wrote the company's core Document Company brochure along with executive speeches, special issues of an employee magazine, and newspapers distributed at product-launch and trade events; he also created Weblines, a daily news service published on the company's intranet, and produced all of its stories for several years. Peter later worked with the Corporate Strategy office, providing ongoing advice and writing speeches and presentations on knowledge management (KM). He also provided on-the-scene coverage of significant KM events for Xerox employees and customers, and created an internal, online newsletter plus a customer-facing web site on knowledge management; he produced all content for those vehicles.